Becoming A Project Manager Contractor

Becoming An Project Manager Contractor

You are defined as a contractor if you work under contract for somebody else for a fixed period to help them complete a project. There are several reasons that you might choose to become a contractor- money being one of them. However it is important to understand that being a contractor is very different from being employed.Contracting offers far more financial freedom and independence than permanent work can ever do however at the same time you are very much responsible for your own successes and failures .

Projects by nature require temporary structures so projects management contractors are the obvious choice for organizations seeking more flexibility; they can provide the skills necessary for the project and are normally less expensive to employ because sick pay, holiday pay, redundancy pay and National Insurance need not be paid.

If you find contracting attractive and feel that its right for you the first of all spend some time to understand whether there is a market for your skills as a contractor, the types of contracting opportunities available , whether you are suitable for them, and how much you could earn.

Then you need to direct your attention to securing a contract.

Once a contract is secured you would need to decide how you want to work?There are two main options available:

PAYE umbrella

Limited company

The route you decide to take depend on your individual circumstances however working through a limited company is probably the most tax efficient way of working.

If you are unsure about which option is best for you then get in touch with us and we will help you through the entire process of setting up and getting settled in as an Project Manager Contractor.