Bookkeeping & Payroll

Book-keeping simply means to record all financial transactions incurred by your business on a daily basis such as recording turnover (sales and other income), expenses (purchases and other direct costs), and overheads (rent, rates, utilities, running cost of your business etc.).

Book-keeping can be done by anyone who is doing admin of the business. However there is a technical side of book-keeping and that is where book-keeping can be used as a helpful tool to produce various useful reporting for management, trial balance for year end accounts and information for external accounts and very useful reporting tool to know what is owed to and owed by your business.

For small businesses to set up an in-house function with all features and modules for this purpose not only ends up being diversion from core activity and costly but also requires time and considerable resources. Book-keeping therefore should be done by a competent person who can produce reporting to get best out of this function.

Accountancy Managers Ltd provides expert book-keeping services for your business as well as your personal investment portfolio.

At Accountancy Managers we offer bookkeeping services by keeping in mind our clients needs and requirements so that you get best deliverables from us. Our approach is to help you understand the use of book-keeping that includes the following;

  • Updating your business real time financial information
  • Updating your banks per your accounting system by reconciling the balances to match with the balances per statements provided by your bankers
  • Updating your customers ledgers and producing debtors balance report i.e. to provide an up to date picture of your debtors
  • Updating your suppliers ledgers and producing creditors balance report i.e. to provide an up to date picture of your creditors
  • Producing your trial balance to assist in preparing management information
  • Once your book-keeping is complete and up to date you can produce profit and loss report from your accounting system, likewise you can produce an up to date balance sheet stating assets and liabilities i.e. the net book value of your business

Our book-keeping packages cover book-keeping services at weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual intervals. This can be done either at your offices or at ours. Within our book-keeping service at our office we also maintain your books and records which makes you compliant with all companies house and tax record keeping requirement. We can customize our services to provide you with a cost effective solution.

We can also help you to write up books or add the finishing touches to the information on your book-keeping system in order to help you create your own management information. We not only ensure that your books and records are kept up to date but also make sure that this service is provided at competitive rates to our clients.

We use the a variety of accounting packages to run book-keeping and can assist you to chose one matching your requirements, we are proud to say that our team of accountants are expert with these accounting package and can provide you with full support. We have developed expert skills with the following accounting packages;










We also offer cloud based accounting services on a variety of accounting packages to free you up from writing up your books online, reconciling your bank accounts, analysing your income and expenses and preparing real time management reports. In addition we also offer a real time advice on various items in your online accounts. You can see the real results in real time and make best use of your financials to plan ahead.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for book-keeping and to set-up an accounting system within your business. We can provide you with an instant quote on these services.

Book an appointment or call us on 020 7636 3455 for your quote.


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Paying out salaries at the end of each month (or week) seems simple enough however
there is considerable legislation governing payments made to employees , because at the end of the day, payroll and
payroll tax affect the income of a business.

However there is no need to lose sleep over your business is payroll.
Just provide us details of amounts you wish to pay to your employees and we will calculate the tax and National Insurance
as well as send you a completed payslip that you can forward to the Inland Revenue. In addition to running the payroll process itself,
we also offer the following services related to this area.

We have expertise in the following accounting software packages and
provide support to our clients on all aspects;
Specific payroll advice and planning Preparing payslips
P45 reports for employees starting and leaving your business P35 preparation and submission at the end of the tax year.
P11Ds advice and completion.

Running a payroll can be time consuming and complicated and divert resources from the core activities of your business.
Get in touch with us and we can provide you the complete service, whatever the size or complexity of your business,
or simply provide support when needed.

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