Business Valuation, Sale & Transfer

Business Valuation

Whether you are thinking of buying an existing business or thinking of selling yours, valuing a business can prove problematic.

Not only are there several valuation methods but other things to consider like business sector, history, recent financial performance, company assets, any regulatory changes that might affect the business so on and so forth.

We at Accountancy Managers have the in-depth knowledge and experience to provide you with an accurate and independent valuation service to ensure a successful acquisition/sale.

Business Sale & Transfer

For a business sale to be undertaken successfully, several factors need to be considered, such as when is the right time to sell? How to look for the right buyer? How to negotiate a good price? How to avoid costly tax and legal fees?

But selling your business need not be a headache; we can advise you on how to make a successful sale. We will closely work with you and all other parties involved in the transaction to ensure optimum sales value.