Compliance Services

With complex legislations and red tape in the UK, the burden of compliances is continually increasing on businesses as well as on the individuals and its owners. With our expertise we can lead you through the minefield of these legislations and ensure that your affairs are kept up to date and in order.

Accountancy Managers have extensive experience to assist our clients in making sure that our clients are compliant in all areas. HMRC are increasingly carrying out checks into business records, accounts and returns or other documents to make sure that all tax payers are paying the right amount of taxes at the right time and receiving the right allowances and tax reliefs.

In addition both HMRC and Companies House impose heavy penalties on late filing of reports and returns. The penalties for late submission of returns start from fixed sum and then continue at a daily rate which can prove to be very expensive and problematic.

At Accountancy Managers our success rate in submitting timely returns is 100%, and we do chase and cajole clients into submitting information to us for processing and preparing relevant reports in good time. These compliances become even more vital in the coming twelve months of a new star-up. We keep a watertight control of your deadlines and make sure you avoid penalties and financial stress caused by sending your reports late.

Compliance Services for Companies

Broadly speaking the compliances, when you operate as a Limited Company, require reporting to the following authorities;

  • Companies House (an executive government agency dealing with companies, incorporations, dissolutions, officers and shareholders details, and statutory register)
  • HMRC (independent government department dealing with all taxes i.e. VAT, payroll taxes, corporation taxes, capital gains, stamp duty and national insurance)

Your company must prepare its financial statements at the end of its financial year.

The following filing compliances are required;

  1. send abbreviated accounts to Companies House (to make them publicly available)
  2. pay corporation tax to HMRC, or notify HMRC that your company doesn’t owe any tax
  3. send a full set of accounts along with the company’s tax return to HMRC

Action Deadline

These deadlines are for private limited companies.

  1. file annual accounts to Companies House 9 months after your company’s financial year ends
  2. pay Corporation Tax 9 months and 1 day after your company’s financial year ends
  3. file a Company Tax Return 12 months after your company’s financial year ends

Please note that your Corporation Tax and Company Tax Return deadlines may be different if your accounting period is different to your financial year. For example if your company is preparing accounts for more than 12 months period then corporation tax return/payment deadlines will be different.

Accountancy Managers is a local firm of Chartered Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants, based in New Cavendish Street London W1W, providing comprehensive services to owner managed companies. We assist you in preparing and submitting all returns and filing to ensure that you are compliant with both Companies House and HMRC requirements.

Our services cover work on Companies House filing requirements, to maintain your company’s register at Companies House, to ensure that each change is notified within 14 days timeframe.

In our tax services we act as your tax agents and deal with all departments of HMRC. Unfortunately HMRC have various departments dealing with particular taxes, the compliance on each tax requires a close eye, expertise and skills. At Accountancy Managers we assure that you maintain a tax efficient structure as well as operate tax efficiently in all areas of taxes. We provide one stop solution on taxes to companies and our tax services cover handling of your corporation tax affairs, VAT, payroll taxes, personal taxes as well as Capital Gain taxes.

For further information on our company’s compliances please contact us on 020 7636 3455 or by e-mailing us on

Other Compliance Services

Our compliance services include the following (however please note that this list is not comprehensive please contact us should you require discussing any aspect of compliances);

Business compliances support
Statutory Accounts Production: Preparing and filing Abbreviated or Full Accounts to Companies House Corporation Tax: Preparing and filing business tax return along with full accounts and computations
Returns on Income Tax on company payments on interest CT61 Personal Tax Returns
Partnership Returns Capital Gain Tax
Trust Tax Returns Stamp Duty & Land Tax Returns
Pension Returns Tax Credits and Child Benefit
VAT return: Preparing and filing VAT returns and other VAT compliance EC Sales Return: Preparing and filing EC Sale returns and other EC Sale VAT compliance
Reverse Charge Returns: Preparing and filing RC VAT returns and other RC VAT compliance Intrastat Declarations: Preparing and filing Intrastat returns and dealing with compliance
Payroll and RTI compliance PAYE Settlement Agreements
Benefit in kind returns(expenses/benefits) Dispensation
Statutory Pay Payments  Review of IR35 contracts