Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is the tax levied on the transfer of an individuals estate (after their death) to beneficiaries. This tax generally affects large items such as property, however it might also be applicable to small value items such as personal belongings.

Even for gifts that are given up to seven years before death, the recipient might still be expected to pay Inheritance Tax.

Losing someone close to you is never easy and the last thing you want to deal with at such a time is whether you are liable to pay inheritance tax.

Therefore it is very important to plan ahead because the tax implications in this case affect assets transferred both before and after a persons death and to make matters worse the laws governing inheritance tax change all the time.

To ensure that your family pays the least tax possible, employ our services. With our experience in this area we will help you understand how Inheritance Tax can affect you, or a loved one, and can undertake the completion of the complex calculations and plan to ensure that all allowances and reliefs are used where applicable.