Investing in projects, resources and technology is key to success.

Is that not great if you receive a Cash Back after investing in these resources that also means reducing the overall cost of your investments. This way you can make your cash go further to your innovation and ideas. You can be more innovative with additional availability of cash and can achieve your potential.

The Tax Man wants to save here but we want you to claim all possible Cash Backs and Tax Breaks! We have successfully secured these for many of our happy clients.

We have successfully secured the following Cash Backs and Tax Breaks for our clients;

R&D Tax Credits
Patent Box

In addition we have also assisted many of our clients in Creative Industry with the following claims;

Creative industry tax reliefs are a group of five Corporation Tax reliefs by the qualifying companies to claim a larger deductions and tax deductions through the corporation tax returns.

Film Tax Relief
Animation Tax Relief
High-end Television Tax Relief
Video Games Development Relief
Theatre Tax Relief

If you would like to know about your available tax breaks or cash backs then talk to us for a free initial assessment.

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