VAT & PATE Registration

Depending on your business circumstances we can also advise you on whether you need to be VAT registered and subsequently if we feel that its beneficial for you to operate as a VAT registered business we can undertake the VAT registration process for your company.

Similarly we can set-up the PAYE scheme for your business. The most efficient method to do this is to register online at the HMRC website. Once the scheme is registered with HMRC, you will receive a letter by post notifying you of the new scheme along with two reference numbers.

PAYE scheme reference: This is the PAYE office reference and is used for day to day administration and enquiries regarding tax codes etc.

Accounts office reference: This is the reference to be used when making payments or making any enquiries regarding your PAYE account with HMRC.

You will then need to operate PAYE on all relevant employees. Please see Payroll for more information.

In addition we can also provide:

Advice on financing your business and

Prepare business plans and feasibility reports